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Μέλισσα Κίκιζας - FoodService

For highly demanding chefs

Food service Melissa

The Catering – Food Service sector constitutes for decades a very important component for our company. Melissa-Kikizas supplies with its products around 90% of the hotel complexes in Greece, as well as other Food Service premises: restaurants, night clubs, shipping companies, catering and reception organizing companies, delivery companies, companies catering Greek army units, hospitals, different institutions, airlines catering, industrial catering and other. The annual volume of Food Service reaches 10.000 tons.

Food Service quality constitutes our first priority and, in combination with our competitive prices and other kinds of provisions, our products are the top choice for numerous clients. Our company lives up to the needs of chefs in Food Service units, continuously updating its wide variety and providing new ideas and solutions while, at the same time, maintaining its high quality at a stable level.

The Melissa Food Service series includes professional one-kilo packages of long pasta and tortellini, half kilo packs of tagliatelle and three kilo packs of all pastries. Canned pineapple and filter coffee are also available for professional use.

Our goal is to provide as wide a range as possible, thus creating relationships based on trust with our customers.

Food Service Primo Gusto

In 2003 the premium series Food Service Primo Gusto was created, in order to cover the needs of even of the most demanding chefs! The series contains professional kilo packages of long pasta, 3-kilo packs of all pastries, tricolore pasta with tomato and spinach, as well as grated tomato paste, grated tomatoes, finely sliced tomato and husked tomato.

The raw materials’ high quality, the pretty packages as well as the large variety, all together contribute to the series’ success in the Food Service sector and, most of all, in restaurants.