Greek products based on Local Recipes

For decades, the Bekiaris family in Loutraki has been making with special affection the original, traditional Vlaha pasta following its secret, home recipe. The ingredients used are only pure Greek products: 100% durum wheat semolina, eggs and milk, but also tomatoes, peppers and vegetables from the Greek land.

Vlaha maintains its flavour intact throughout the years and comes first in consumers’ preferences for traditional pasta. Therefore, it is not necessary to travel to a remote region in the countryside in order to buy and taste authentic noodles, chylopittaki, oatmeal and frumenty! The series include pasta with eggs, with eggs and milk, thick noodles (chylopittes) with tomato and oatmeal. Vlaha’s frumenty is also delicious, and apart from the sour and sweet, it comes in other flavours as well, such as spicy, Mediterranean and lenten frumenty from vegetables.

At the back side of every pack, you will find unique, original and tasty suggestions on how to upgrade a simple traditional dish into a gourmet course for your guests!