Working Environment


  • We secure a safe working environment for the people that work in our company. We provide all necessary means of protection and organize respective educational programs, such as first aid provision during work and the distribution of related information leaflet
  • We also offer free medical check-ups or consulting visits, once per week by the company’s doctor, as well as ad hoc blood tests, in regular intervals.
  • We give low interest loans with favourable repayment terms, whenever there is a financial problem.
  • Our company is very interested in the various family, financial or health problems of its employees, providing extra financial support and unpaid leaves for long periods of time.
  • We provide for the best possible medical care, whenever an employee or a first degree family member faces a health problem.
  • In case of an accident outside the workplace, we take up all the personal medical expenses of the employee until his/her rehabilitation. If his/her travel abroad is deemed necessary, we finance all the costs of the employee as well as of a relative who will escort him/her.
  • At Melissa – Kikizas, we always find a chance to get together and celebrate! Every year, a Christmas party takes place as well as three separate events for cutting the “New Year’s Cake” in Athens, Larissa and Thessalonica. During these events, apart from the value of the “coins”, other presents are also drawn (laptops, electronic and electric devices, home-ware, cheques that can be cashed at super markets and stores, trips and free restaurant meals).
  • The financial scholarship “Aleksandros Kikizas” constitutes an institution for our company, in the memory of its founder, to the employees’ children at school age.
  • For Christmas and Easter, all employees are given in purse packs, the products that have been recently launched in the market as well as sweets, seasonal foodstuff, gifts and drinks.
  • In the duration of the year free tickets for theatre shows, cinema premieres and events for children are given out.
  • The company offers the whole personnel free pasta and tomato products of their choice every two months.

Inspiration – Encouragement

We support uniqueness and promote respect and mutual trust that can turn a company goal into personal motivation.

  • We put increased gravity on equal opportunities and the development of our people, mostly because we know that one of the primary reasons that special people stay and work for Melissa is, besides their professional and personal achievements, their willingness to be an integral part of our successful course.
  • Every year’s end, the company’s employees are evaluated by their direct and indirect supervisors. Employees are graded for their knowledge, skills, diligence as well as their efficiency, their promptness, their cooperativeness and team spirit, their general behaviour and their faithfulness in the company. The evaluation takes place through specially designed tables that are separately sent to each supervisor for his/her subordinates and to each department’s director for all employees. All aggregate evaluations are handed out to the Company’s Management and are taken into account in the annual salary raises of the employees.
  • There are also internal upgrades of staff, depending on their efficiency in the company in cases when opportunities for their personal development exist and when opportunities for their upgrading arise. This happens when the employees continue their education and submit to the human resources department their educational titles, but also when their input in their work field is deemed sufficient for covering a position with even more responsibilities.
  • In the company, there are second and third generation employees as well as people from the same family. In that way, the employee is praised for his services to the company over a number of years by bringing his/her descendent to the company in a similar position.

At MELISSA – KIKIZAS we have created a family – like working environment emphasizing on the spirit of cooperation and the faith in the power of team work.

  • In order to strengthen interpersonal relations and to reinforce team building, trekking and rafting activities as well as group attendance of theatre and music shows are organized.
  • Also, corporate trips to various places in Greece are organized aiming at entertainment, training or participation in sales conferences both within and outside Athens.
  • Recently, a corporate table tennis tournament was launched during which colleagues had the chance to exercise and to spent pleasant hours together outside work.
  • At Melissa – Kikizas we have low levels of personnel mobility. Our employees usually stay in the company for numerous years and in most cases they get retired from our company. The family environment and the feeling of security are widespread in our company.
  • Due to the nature of the product as well as to our continuous effort to develop and to explore all the more, we constantly need to try new pasta recipes! In these taste quests, all employees can participate by tasting, grading and commenting! In many occasions, they have a … variation or ways for improvement to suggest. Thus, when the pack is out on the shelf, we know that all of us, to one degree or another, have contributed to the creation of the tastiest recipe!

Information – Communication

  • The management informs immediately all employees for any change that occurs in the company or for anything new that concerns the company. Before launching a product, information as well as sample distribution to all company’s employees take place.
  • Investing in the essential communication between the company’s employees, we are open to the problems and the concerns of our colleagues, always trying to provide a solution when this is possible.
  • Every four months, two-day sales meetings are realized, with the participation of representatives from other departments, in order to reflect on the course of the previous four months, but also on the goals for the following four months.
  • We encourage the internal communication at all levels and at all directions and are always trying to be informed fast and efficiently of new trends in the constantly developing market as well as of the societal context we are operating in.

Development – Reinforcement

The value of training constitutes a cornerstone for our company. The continuous updating of our work’s subject is the driving force for progress and innovation. The types of training we provide to our personnel range from improving the level of agriculturists, engineers, mechanics, and machine operators to courses designed for the managers and executive staff in the commercial department.

  • The employees are encouraged to take up individual training or refresher training, funded through the company’s budget. There are employees who wish to develop their knowledge either with regards to the subject of their work or to foreign languages, or to acquire a more advanced educational title. The Company often covers all the required expenses and simultaneously assists the employee by providing special leaves, during the exams’ periods, or even in cases where cutting down his/her working hours is essential for attending classes. After, finishing his/her studies, the Company immediately provides for reconfiguring the employee’s responsibilities in the department, taking into account their new qualifications, with simultaneous raise of their salaries.
  • Internal training seminars are also organized by the various departments of the company and professional guidance is provided in accordance to the topic.
  • The Company provides for improving its employees’ knowledge and for enabling them to attend specialized seminars. This can take place both within and outside the Company. The employees follow the technological developments or are informed about the developments of the economy, new bills, new tactics; all of which are essential tools for the proper carrying out of their duties.
  • The seminars can be selected either by the employee him/herself or by the department’s director who deems that it would be useful for the employee/employees to attend; and after the issue is discussed with the person in question, the registration takes place. If the number of participating employees from the Company is high, then the seminar might take place in the special hall in the Company’s building, which is suitable for such occasions.
  • Scientists are often invited. After performing some research that is of interest for the Company, they present their data and the results from the research to the whole staff of the Company, separately in Athens, Larissa, Thessalonica and Patras. Thus, employees have the potential of being informed on new developments that concern the Company’s subject and to cover potential queries.
  • Recently, the whole staff throughout Greece was informed about the research conducted by the Athens Agricultural University, and Professor Mr. Kaltsikis, on our Company’s expenses, and referred to grain. The research set off from the seed of the grain and followed its final development, the products that are produced, the potential diseases that might affect the grain, as well as the weather conditions that play a significant role for the appropriate development and its consequent behaviour.
  • Besides special seminars concerning the company, workshops are often taking place, in which the whole personnel participates and which refer to its social education, such as for example, the workshop carried out by the Ladies from the Greek Red Cross, who explained issues of first aid, accident prevention, dealing with accidents and even issues related to diagnosis of certain symptoms on health issues. After the daily training, a skill performance took place by each and every employee, with no exception, in order to extract both essential and practical results from the briefing.

Recognition – Reward

In the context of our belief that the successful course of a company is the result of teamwork, we recognize in a number of ways our employees’ efforts.

  • We apply an objective pay system. Our employees’ salary is based on their efficiency and the minimum wage is higher than the one stipulated in the collective contract.
  • Bonuses are provided for group efficiency and, in the years when there is sufficient profit, distribution of profits also takes place in the form of extraordinary bonus, based on the management’s judgement.
  • In certain departments of the Company, goals are set with respective cash gains for their accomplishment. The first employees who achieve their goals during a special event are rewarded plaques, on which the data and the reason for the reward are mentioned. The number of people who are honoured annually is more than 15 all overGreece. The prizes/plaques are independent of the sums which are rightfully received by the employees who achieve their personal targets.
  • In other departments “honorary” leaves are given, beyond the rightful leave days of each employee. That occurs in cases when employees worked overtime, due to unforeseen factors, who responded to a corporate problem that aroused suddenly, who offered blood when there was need, etc. The leave is given beyond the remuneration that is rightfully received.
  • We provide our employees with low-interest loans, group health insurance, life, disability or accident insurance, regular visits to the company’s doctor and often there is potential for premature retirement.
  • The Company provides in addition to the compulsory insurance by the Social Security Foundation (IKA) private insurance, invariably, for all its employees.
  • In cases when an employee wishes to insure his/her family with the same private institution, this can happen by charging him/her with a small amount of money on a monthly basis, thus, taking advantage of the proper and flexible provisions negotiated by  the Company.

In order to reward a successful course, a long service, but also departures or retirements, special events take place, during which plaques and souvenirs are awarded.

  • When one of the directors, completes a “round number of years” in the Company, e.g. ten years, twenty years, a small celebration, “usually a surprise party”, similar to birthday-parties, takes place where every participant wishes him/her best of luck and together they celebrate the occasion.
  • In order to honour the employees who are being retired, “farewell dinners” are being organized with the participation of their colleagues, during which their contribution to the Company is praised and their professional development is memorized.
  • All old employees, who are now retired, may come in every two months to receive their products, in the same way as when they were active employees of the Company. During the annual “New Years Cake Cutting” celebration, the above mentioned employees, are invited and are awarded with special plaques, where their chronological cooperation with the Company is mentioned.
  • In May2011, agroup of employees created a small museum with old office, storage, factory and company objects, with respect to the older generations. During the small inauguration ceremony, besides the staff, pensioners of the company were also present. 

In April 2011, our company was chosen by the “Great Place to Work” Institute Hellas, among the twenty companies with the best working environment in Greece. This award certifies MELISSA – KIKIZAS Company’s concern for its human resources and rewards the initiatives and the practices which have been applied for all these years.