Our vertically organized complex of Mill and Spaghetti-producing factory extends over 65 acres in Thessaly, in the region of Larissa.

In this way, we start with the processing of the durum wheat (hard grain) and the production of durum wheat semolina and then we produce, pack and store our fine products in our proprietary facilities.

Our Mill was inaugurated in1974 in the region of Larissa. The raw material that it grinds is consisted of 100% durum wheat which we mostly get from the field of Thessaly. The careful selection of the best raw materials together with our excellent equipment and our highly skilled personnel, secure the outstanding quality of durum wheat semolina that constitutes the base for our pasta.

The Spaghetti Factory

Οur Spaghetti Factory has been operating in Larissa since 1980. Keeping up with contemporary technological developments, our factory is nowadays one of the largest of its kind in Europe, with annual production that exceeds 50.000 tons of pasta. The production procedure is fully automatized and our products’ quality is secured by following strict inspection and control systems. The overall building coverage of our factories is20.000 square meterswhile the capacity of our storage spaces reaches 10.000 pallets.


Our company’s headquarters are housed in privately owned buildings of 4000 sq. m. over the Kifissou avenue in Athens.

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