Our philosophy

Being always faithful to the vision of our company’s founder, we choose our raw materials in a way that secures the unconditional quality of each product we provide to Greek families. From our company’s establishment until this day, our primary goal has been to contribute actively to the society and the environment.

How do we accomplish this goal?

Consumers are the ones that regulate our value. We try to offer them the best value for money possible and to develop ourselves in line with their needs for more modern and healthy products.

Our employees and partners

Our employees and partners are our strength. We support individuality but also group dynamics and strongly believe in cooperation, respect and mutual trust that can transform the company’s targets into personal motivation.


The value of training constitutes a cornerstone for our company. The continuous updating of our work’s subject is the driving force for progress and innovation. The types of training we provide to our personnel range from improving the level of agriculturists, engineers, mechanics, and machine operators to courses designed for the managers and executive staff in the commercial department.

Greek farming:

We contribute to the absorption of the surplus of grain produced in our country by buying more than 100.000 tons of hard grain annually, thus being rendered the biggest purchasers in Greece. Always believing in the importance of the quality of the agricultural products as well as in the updating of employees, we organize seminars together with various educational institutions, in order to inform farmers on the latest cultivation methods. We cultivate on private land a variety of seeds which then we suggest to the farmers of each region, thus securing the quality of the ingredients we use.

Cultivating with respect to the environment:

Being lucky enough to cultivate our products in a country with such tremendous natural wealth, we feel obliged to protect the environment. Global resources are limited and we do not have the luxury to waste them. Our target is the adoption of the finest production methods in order to minimize our burden on the environment.

Retribution to the community:

As a fully Greek family business, we feel the need to reattribute to the local community and to reciprocate the trust we enjoy from consumers for decades now. We are committed to returning at least 2% of our profits to the society in the form of donations, sponsorships and scholarships. Throughout the past decade our company has paid € 12.4 million in taxes. Through more than hundred foundations that we cooperate with, we donate every year significant quantities of pasta and support organizations which are involved in the promotion of healthy diet.