The production of foodstuff of high nutritional value constitutes our fundamental commitment. In order to secure the quality of our products we have put together a group of numerous specially trained experts, the most modern technology as well as equipment for the surveillance of all procedures and stages of production.

The strict selection of the best raw and packing materials, the existence of a unique production and storage environment,  as well as the continuous controls of the products at every stage of their production, secure the excellent quality that consumers entrust for years.

Our company was one of the first in Greece that was certified in 1993 with a quality, security and hygiene management system for the production of food. Always following international developments, we upgrade the quality management systems in order to fulfill the demands of the contemporary international standards.

Our company has been certified by many internationally acknowledged institutions with

·ISO 9001:2008

·ISO 22000:2005


Finally, we put together research programs in cooperation with Scientific institutions in Greece and abroad in order to develop and optimize our company’s production procedures as well as to improve our grain cultivation methods.