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The business activity of our company is inextricably linked to its effort to function as a socially sensitive organization. Our goal is to link the development of the company with the improvement of the life quality of the members of the communities we operate in.

Greek Pasta supports the unemployed people of Greece

In these difficult times that our country is going through, we offer all Melissa pasta at a lower price (- 30 cents per pack) to the holders of unemployment cards.

Food Bank

Our company supports over 300 non-profit organizations annually. Among those are: Filoi toy Paidiou (Child’s friends), the Red Cross, the Municipality of Athens, Fili tis Merimnas (the Friends of Welfare), Chamogelo tou Paidiou (Child’s smile) Foundation, ELEPAP, the SOS Children’s Villages, the Theofilos Workshop, the Foundation for the Child Pamakaristos, Epistrofi (Return), IASIS, IRIS, Porta Anoichti (Open Door), Anima, Agkalia (Hug), the Scale (Klimaka), KSDEO, Anadisi, Poreia, Onisimos, EUMA, the Municipalities  and communities of disadvantaged persons, the initiative “Parishes for meals for the elderly and the needy”, Children Camps, Boy Scouts, Unions and Associations for annual events, the Stray (Wildlife rehabilitation society) and the Greek Animal Welfare Society.

Melissa offers 100 kilos of pasta every month to the municipality of Peristeri, thus contributing to feeding citizens who are in need.


Every year, we also support big Larissa foundations such as the Red Cross, the Organization of Social Solidarity of the municipality of Nikaia, the Organization for Social policy of the municipality of Larissa, the Commercial Association and the Sacred Temples of the area.


Annually our company offers donations to Non-profit Organizations such as Doctors without Frontiers, UNICEF, the Association of Child’s Friends, UNESCO, the Association of Autistic Persons St. Nicolas, the Love Fundraiser, the Association of Blind Persons, the Pan-Hellenic Anti-Cancer Fundraiser and the Technical Chamber of Larissa.

Sport Clubs

Melissa is a sponsor of the Handball team of Posidonas from Loutraki and the women Basketball team of Larissa. It also supports the Sports clubs Olympia Larisas and Galaxias.



Looking to highlight the importance of volunteerism, in our company we provide blood donation days off to our employees.

CHECK UP YOURSELF – Love – Help – Control – Live (in Greek the first letter of AVEZ)

In the Spring of 2008, AVEZ, the well-known and beloved pasta brand from Thessalonica, in cooperation with the Prefecture of Thessalonica, was the sponsor of the Campaign for Preventive Medicine Love – Help – Control – Live. The specially equipped check-up units, conducted free checks of Lipid profile (cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides etc.) at central spots in Thessalonica, urging the city’s residents to render prevention their life-style.

Greek Red Cross

Melissa supports the effort of the Greek Red Cross sponsoring the printing of leaflets aiming at the popularization of the organization’s activities throughout the country.

Information – Education


On the 22nd and 23rd of June2007, a two day conference was organized by the Greek Technical Chambers and the Association of Greek Chemists on Foodstuff Quality and Security Management. The main issues addressed by the contributors were: Systems for Foodstuff Quality and Security Management, Standardization and Certification, Primary Production, and Development of the Quality of Local Foodstuff. In the section: “Food Quality and Security Management in Industry – Case Studies from the Industries”, one of the participants was Mr. D. Bakodimos, Head of Quality management at MELISSA – KIKIZAS.



Since April 2010 Melissa has been sponsor and an active supporter of the Target campaign “Fashion fights breast cancer”. The orange “TARGET” is printed on the packs of Melissa pasta and part of the sales revenue is placed for the financial support of the campaign. Thus, the “Target” enters Greek houses and is associated with proper diet, promoting the importance of monitoring and prevention for every Greek woman who respects herself (

We all become allies of the Target – Fashion fights breast cancer!


In December 2005, we put together our forces with the Greek Anti-Cancer Company to actively support the campaign “4 cycles of life beat cancer”, by participating in the green cycle of Healthy Diet granting part of our revenues from Melissa pasta sales.



“We started our journey…30 years ago! Our goal was to create the biggest pasta factory in the Balkans. A factory which would annually absorb 100.000 tons of hard grain, from the most famous field of Greece, and would support 1.250 families from Larissa. Melissa was born and raised… in Larissa”. This year our factory in Larissa hits… 30! Taking our celebration as a pretext, we organized a series of local initiatives only in Thessaly! Our TV commercial will be aired only on the local channels (TRT, Thessaly TV) and the registration along with related articles and interviews will be published in local press (Eleftheria Newspaper). At the same time, there will be events in the super markets, donations to foundations and school field trips to our complex.


KIDS FESTIVAL “Cinema on a Plate” in Athens

In March 2010, Melissa Pasta Kids sponsored the children movies festival “Cinema on a Plate” in Athens. The “Cinema on a Plate” Kids Festival is a unique festival for movies, tastes, fairy tales and games for kids over 4 years of age, with children’s film screenings and parallel educational and entertaining activities before and after the movie. 40% of the tickets’ revenues from the children’s movies screening was donated to the “Chamogelo tou Paidiou” (Childs’ Smile) charity organization. After the screening of the movies, the kids enjoyed delightful spaghetti dishes, together with the mascots of their favorite Spongebob and Dora the Explorer, who handed out Pasta Kids products to every young pasta lover.

“Cinema on a Plate” in Thessalonica

In October 2009 Organic Pasta Primo Gusto BIO was the sponsor of the event “Cinema on a Plate” which took place in the context of the “Dimitria” Thessalonica Festival. Among other activities, movies were screened and special menus were created, based on the theme of every movie and made by famous chefs in collaboration with the 12 most famous restaurants of Thessalonica.


Due to our love for the Greek land, the field of Thessaly and our special ties with the city of Larissa, we supported the Historical Museum of Larissa in order to promote the exhibition module “Traditional Cultivation of Grain in Thessaly”. At the same time, we participate in a series of activities and events in collaboration with the Folklore Museum of Larissa.


In May 2011 one of our offices in Athens was transformed into a Museum, named “Aleksandros Kikizas Memories”. The old objects that were collected, have priceless emotional value for the elder, since they awaken memories from another time; but they also constitute small parts of folklore heritage, “testifying” a lot for the daily life of our ancestors. A staff attendance clock, employees’ brunch utensils, products’ weighbridge, pasta sieves, old packing materials, reeds for the production of pasta, trolleys for the transfer of boxes, scales, metal advertisements, accounting calculators, printing equipment, typewriters, seals, documents, old advertisements and furniture of old times. Our goal is to expand our museum, supplying it with modern material, but, at the same time, with respect to both the older generations and the new ones, yet to come.