Christmas Pasta Creations

Christmas Pasta Kids were created with love for the kids, but also, for every one of us who feels like a child every Christmas.

How you can play with pasta and the Christmas spirit

  •  Place the pasta on a cardboard or a newspaper and spray on them with special colour spray (red, green, silver, gold, or a combination of colours) and glitter (gold dust). As soon as they get dry you can stick them on:

– Single coloured Christmas balls

– Candles

  • Pass a piece of string or filament through the pasta, placing among them other pasta with holes (for instance trumbetti). In  that way you can create:

– An ornament for your Christmas tree

– A little wreath to tie the napkins for your guests (alternatively on a strip of whatever colour you like, you can stick one of the shapes of Christmas pasta and tie each napkin).

  • Place a small round candle on the upper right side of each guest’s plate and fill it with Christmas pasta, placing a small piece of chocolate or an individual gift on top.

And of course … cook!!!