The most popular food in the world!

Pasta is the foodstuff that steals both kids’ and grownups’ hearts and it is officially the world’s most beloved food.

A world-wide research of the Oxfam Organization pronounced pasta as the global top food preference leaving behind popular foods such as meat, rice and pizza.

Pasta is a product, consumed in all five continents and its nutritional value is of no doubt. Its worldwide spreading is attributable to its remarkable advantages as foodstuff, and because it can be preserved over a long period of time; it is easy to cook and is also cheap.

And, of course, it is tasty, thus constituting an endless source of inspiration with many variations. Having it as a raw material, we can cook everyday a different dish with significant nutritional value.

We, Greeks are Pasta Lovers!

The total pasta industry market in Greece is calculated at € 170 million per year and its production reaches 110.000 tons. 30% of that is exported in many foreign countries.

According to data collected by the World Pasta Organization, Italy is on the top of pasta consuming countries with 28 kilos per capita. It is followed by Venezuela and Tunisia, while Greece occupies the fourth place with 10 kilos per capita annually.

October 25th: World Pasta Day


The World Pasta Day was established in 1998, after the initiative of the Union of Organizations of Manufactures of Pasta Products of the E.U. (UN.A.F.P.A., in order to communicate to the wider public the taste and nutritional value of pasta.

It is celebrated every year on the 25th of October in commemoration of the first convention of the Union in1995, in all European countries. Each country is free to choose its own promoting activities which best serve the common goal – to promote the central messages of UNAFPA.