In order to ensure that everyone enjoys the features and services of “Melissa-Kikizas” website, we describe herein a series of terms that are applicable to “Melissa-Kikizas” website.

1. The first most important condition refers to “Netiquette”, which allows freedom of movement and speech, but without any damage or intrusion on the Internet.

2. All copyright in “Melissa-Kikizas” website belongs to “Melissa-Kikizas”.

3. We take pride in our name, products, trademarks and logotypes. It is understood that these belong or are ceded by consent of “Melissa-Kikizas” and cannot be used by you without our prior written consent.

“Melissa-Kikizas” occasionally receives to remove links or messages from the present website’s guestbook. Note that the policy of “Melissa-Kikizas” on this matter is as follows:

• The application on the products and services appearing in “Melissa-Kikizas” website is automatic, with no possibility of advance review by the company.

• We believe that persons who post information on the World Wide Web do so knowing that the information they make available becomes publicly and widely available. Moreover, posting announcements through chat rooms and posting links to websites accessible by the public is allowed by the law and conforms to the common and usual expectations of those who use the Internet and the Usenet.

• In everyday life, most people comply with the laws either by character or due to fear. Some Internet users have the tendency to believe that a lower level of morality and conduct is acceptable on the Internet. We at “Melissa-Kikizas” disagree with that point of view. The Internet has a standard level concerning users’ conduct, namely the “Netiquette”, which is by no means lower than what applies to everyday life.

• Postings made on “Melissa-Kikizas” website are frequently monitored. Those that are opposed to our terms of use or lack the standards suitable to “Melissa-Kikizas” website and company reputation will be removed. However, note that it is not possible to inspect every part of the website at any given moment and that we assume no responsibility which may arise from the content or from a message announced by a third party in “Melissa-Kikizas” website.

• This website is a production of GOD S.A.